Posted by toadstar on 1:59 PM

Lucas has found three stuffed doggies, a blue one a brown one and a white one. The blue one is named Ruf, the brown one is named Poop (because he's brown) and the white one is named Whipped as in whipped cream.

The other night Mommy was laying down with Logan and Lucas and I were playing. He walked up to me with Ruf in his hand and a diaper in the other. He stands next to me, looks up and says-he needs his diaper daddy. So I put on his diaper. He needs a cover too daddy. I put on a cover (we cloth diaper). So now we have a smallish stuffed dog with three times its weight and half its size in a diaper and a cover. Cute no?

We decided to go for a ride up to the store. Lucas said that we had to take his doggy with him and we had to put him in Logan's car seat(buckled of course-safety first) . Then, so he wouldn't get bored on the trip, Lucas gave him a book to read.


Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas