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Last night I woke up a little after 2:30. I got up turned off the heat and went back to bed. I then proceeded to toss and turn for the next half an hour. The Muse had struck and my brain would not stop.

I guess it started last night. I came home from work with a drawing that I had started at work. It was for a project a friend and I are working on. I worked on that drawing until my wife and kids came home, then tried to work some more, but fatherhood called and I needed to stop drawing. So finishing that is, what I guess got my brain started.
Jump back to three am. My brain is racing and I realize that I'm not going to go back to sleep, so I may as well just get up, get to work and quiet my brain.

So I worked on my tree-I got it scanned and adjusted properly-then started messing with it. I also did some work online. And on my drive home, my car started to over heat, so I stopped at Michael's and picked up a few things. On thing was this set of markers that were on clearance. So I had to try them out and see how they worked. The little doodle above and below is the result-I'd say they work pretty good. I also got a white gel pen-OMG that is the best dollar forty-nine I've ever spent

I don't know if you can tell, but I totally botched the mouth and chin, so I started to cross it out and as I was doing so said-beard!-I think it worked out pretty well.
I had intended to get up for a minute or two then go to bed, but I ended up staying up until my usual time to get up-whoops! Oh well, at least I got some work done.

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Lucas has found three stuffed doggies, a blue one a brown one and a white one. The blue one is named Ruf, the brown one is named Poop (because he's brown) and the white one is named Whipped as in whipped cream.

The other night Mommy was laying down with Logan and Lucas and I were playing. He walked up to me with Ruf in his hand and a diaper in the other. He stands next to me, looks up and says-he needs his diaper daddy. So I put on his diaper. He needs a cover too daddy. I put on a cover (we cloth diaper). So now we have a smallish stuffed dog with three times its weight and half its size in a diaper and a cover. Cute no?

We decided to go for a ride up to the store. Lucas said that we had to take his doggy with him and we had to put him in Logan's car seat(buckled of course-safety first) . Then, so he wouldn't get bored on the trip, Lucas gave him a book to read.

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I was doing a bit of cleaning the other day and I stumbled upon my old Moleskine sketchbook, so I figured that I'd scan a few favorites to share.

This was my response to the Madrid bombing.

After the bombing there were protest and many of the people had painted their hands red with a black ribbon painted in the middle. This was one of the hands.

Lucky number thirteen. Just a little experiment-her eyes are too small, but other than that I like it.

I love drawing birds. I don't know why. I'm mostly happy with this one-I wish that I would have inked it, but other than that its not to bad. (I know I'm my own worst critic.)

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Every year our neighborhood has a Winter Festival at the community center across the street from our house. They rent a snow maker and give us a nice area filled with snow for the kids to play in. So picture a big green patch of grass with a little rectangle of snow in it and all the neighborhood kids crammed in this small patch of snow and have a massive snowball fight.

This year we missed the big festival. We were out and about, at my parents and just forgot. But on the 23rd Heidi had to go Christmas shopping for Lucas, so I stayed home with him and after a while Lucas and I decided to go to the park. By now it had been three days since the festival and all that was left of the snow was a little patch of iced over snow about the size of a large cookie sheet. Lucas and I played in that snow until there wasn't any left and it was the most fun I've had in a long time.

Lucas would grab a handful of snow and pitch it to me and I would kick it, the ice exploding and showering all over Lucas. Then we would laugh and laugh. For about an hour that day I forgot about bills and all the stress in my life and I just had fun with my son. We would pitch snowballs at each other and wound up soaked, but it was worth it. This was one of those glories of Christmas's from long long ago that we will talk about for years to come.

Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas