Posted by toadstar on 6:12 AM

While up in the attic getting down my Christmas decorations, I stumbled across a box of my old drawings from 1988-1989. I was in Junior High in the 8th grade and at the height of my sk8r days (as you can tell from the artwork). I figured that I'd scan some in and share them with the world. The first one is of Christian Hosoi. He was such an amazing skater, I'm glad that he's finally gotten his life back on track.

I can't for the life of me remember which deck this is from, but it's a detail of it, whatever it is. The cool thing about it was that I drew in while we were on vacation up in the Colorado mountains somewhere. I had just finished it and left it on the table while we went out to dinner. When we came back I realized that we had left a window open and a light misty rain blew into the drawing. It actually ended up creating a cool effect on the blue hands. So it was a nice happy accident.

Santa Cruz Speed Wheels-I just loved the hands and the arteries making up the text. Gross but cool. This was one of the first times that I drew a successful hand. Later on in high school we had to do drawings of our hands-I just had to revisit this theme.

I think that this was a Pushead ripoff-combined with a TSOL logo. When I pulled this one out to scan it, Lucas said - scary monster Daddy. Then I scanned it and it was up on my computer screen and he looked at it, then up at the scanner, then back at the screen, and you could just see the wheels in his head turning-Hey Daddy, your drawing is on the computer....

Thanks for indulging me in this trip down amnesia lane. I have some more so if I have time I may just post some more.


Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas