Posted by toadstar on 10:17 AM

About a year or so ago I discovered Cherie Priest on John Scalzi's blog. He was talking about her book Dreadful Skin (a portion of which had just gone live @ Subterranean). So I went over and had a look. I found myself glued to the screen for the rest of the day-and not working mind you. I went out and found her first novel Four and Twenty Blackbirds. I ripped through it like I was on fire- Then I ripped through her second just as fast. There was something about the main character, Eden Moore that I just liked-Maybe it's because her voice reminded me of a friend. Maybe there is just enough Rowan Mayfair in her to replace the hole that has been left by Anne Rice's leaving the genre. I don't know.

Sometimes I feel like I'm never going to make it as a writer, I'm never going to get what's in my head down on the page. Sometimes I read Cherie's blog and I see the same doubts. It makes me want to carry on. It's strange to say. Someone else's weakness gives me strength, but it does. Somehow. We're strange creatures that way. We don't like to feel unique-we want to be part of the herd, despite our best efforts to be unique, there is safety in numbers. So I count Cherie as part of our tribe. A fellow writer, that is struggling to make it through life. So support our fellow tribesperson-buy her books read her posts, follow her on twitter. She has a new book coming out soon-there is a great review of it here (scroll down to find it). There is also a novella at Subterranean press-it's online for free so read it and fall in love with her words-then seek out her other books. She is good, you will not regret it and you would be helping out a fellow tribesperson.


Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas