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I'm going to early vote this weekend to ensure that this doesn't happen. I promise.

Urban Re:Vision:

Urban Re:Vision recently had a contest to find people who were willing and able to rebuild a sustainable foundation for the future. Now they move on to the second phase-actually turning a city block in Dallas, Texas into a sustainable community. There are some brilliant ideas at work here and I'm anxious to see what becomes of them. Perhaps I feel a road trip to Dallas coming on.
Here is some basic information about the Urban Re:Vision Design competition.
We now enter a phase where we will take an actual city block and transform it into a completely sustainable, healthy community. For right now, all the details I can give are that the city is going to be Dallas and a city block with be completely transformed. The competition is global and we are inviting the top architects and sustainable industry leaders to help us design and build the city block.
Also, to get an idea about Urban Re:Vision, you may want to watch a couple of our videos here:
We just finished up the Re:Construct competition and you’ll find more information on one of the winners in the attached JPG.

One of the Winners of Re:construct:
An innovative building solution--a wall made of maps.
*Great details included on the attached jpeg

MAP COMPRESSION BLOCK—a wall made of compressed, outdated maps that are very difficult to recycle
Nicky Kirk
Amenity Space, London UK
Problem: Ordinance Survey (Great Brittan's national mapping service) outdated maps are difficult to recycle due to the inks not being compatible with the pulping process

Solution: Create thermally efficient and structurally sound building blocks by stacking the outdated maps

30,000 maps create a 2-layer wall 4.5m wide by 3.0m high (see attached for more details)
They believe that recycling paper in its pure form will provide sustainable, evocative designs fit for purpose and fully integrate into a wide range of applications and locations.

Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas