Posted by toadstar on 2:15 PM

Today My Little Logo Is 10 Months Old:

Today my youngest son is ten months old, but don't tell him that. He seems to think that he is at least two. He's walking, he's talking, playing, throwing balls, and wrestling with his brother and Daddy. He is such an amazing kid-just look at that big bright, shining face, he is in love with life, and it's contagious. He wants everyone he passes to smile and say hello to him. A couple of weeks ago we were at Target and this boy leaned backwards in my arms until he was almost parallel with the ground, just to get the attention of the people next to us. He was getting frustrated that they were not paying him any attention.

At work we started working four ten hour shifts so that we can get Fridays off and save some gas. This is the first week and it's been a difficult adjustment, but what makes it all worth while is walking through my front door and having my kids be so excited to see me. Yesterday Logan said "Hi Daddy" and its the cutest thing, he sticks out his tongue and his voice goes up a couple of octaves, its sweet and its tender, and its the highlight of my day.

A couple of months ago we went to my wife's La Leche League couples meeting and the group leader said something along the lines of "Daddies have to earn the love of their babies." And its true. Babies have that instant bond with the baby, mom is comfort and safety mom is home. Daddy can provide comfort, but baby needs mommy. But somewhere along that first year baby and daddy bond. I told my wife the other day that I had always loved Logan, but right now I'm falling in love with him. Each day Logan and I open ourselves up to each other and grow closer, and each moment I get to spend with him is simply amazing.


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