Posted by toadstar on 4:01 PM

Some Quick Ones:

*Another example of police bullying someone with a camera, this time the videographer wins.

*The RIAA's suggestions for the content of ACTA-I haven't made it all the way through yet, but so far these are the ones that will make my stuff turn white, if you know what I mean:
-Provide law enforcement authorities ex officio powers to investigate criminal infringements of intellectual property rights and initiate criminal actions on their own initiative.
-Ensure that courts have the authority to issue ex parte search orders.
-Provide that orders by judicial authorities need not individually identify the items subject to seizure, so long as they fall within general categories specified in the order.
-Provide that goods determined to be infringing are subject to forfeiture and destruction regardless of whether any action for infringement is initiated, whether civil, administrative or criminal and without any compensation of any kind to the defendant, and regardless of whether there has been any finding of liability on the part of any person.
-Provide remedies and injunctive relief against any entity that: (a) Creates or otherwise maintains directories of infringing materials((like Google people)); (b) Provides "deeplinks" to infringing files ((Linking is not a crime, that's like trying to arrest me for saying look over there, that house is a brothel...))

*It looks like Obama's supporters are trying to force his hand to take a stand against telecom amnesty-I for one hope it works.

*Microsoft has filed a patent for a "digital manners policy," or DMP for short. So be good for goodness sake-or Bill will turn off your gadget.... can you say fascism? Bruce Schneier explains why this is a bad idea on this post.

*And finally Big Brother, is coming to Colorado-Hundreds of police, firefighters, paramedics and even utility workers have been trained and recently dispatched as “Terrorism Liaison Officers” in Colorado and a handful of other states to hunt for “suspicious activity” — and are reporting their findings into secret government databases. So be really nice to that utility guy when he cuts off your power....


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