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Possible Health Effects of Global Warming And Some Other Passing Thoughts:

*Many illnesses that have effected drought plagued countries are malaria, dengue fever and hantavirus and we could expect to see these in greater numbers if global warming succeeds in raising the median temperature, creating drought like conditions in the United States (I mention only the United States, because a) I live there and b) the article that I'm about to link to focuses primarily on the U.S. of A. but rest assured that these condition will happen globally and already are). In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers predict that rising temperatures will make kidney stones more common.

"By 2050, say University of Texas urologists Tom Brikowski and Margaret Pearle, most Americans will live in areas considered high-risk zones for the painful deposits, caused when minerals crystallize into chunks too large [to] leave the bladder."

It's interesting to ponder the many different ways that global warming will effect us. Interestingly enough the first commenter said the one big cause of kidney stones are High Oxalate foods. So I googled High Oxalate foods and found a list here. Yea that list pretty much everything I eat except for yellow dock and Swiss chard, so I'll happily give those up...

*In other news, Viacom has agreed to let Youtube mask all user Id's and Internet addresses, which means that we shouldn't expect strange Amazon like emails like-As someone who has purchased or rated videos by 2 girls and 1 cup**, you might like to know.....
**not that I would watch that you dirty, dirty people...

*I'm not sure what this guy is thinking, but a disgruntled engineer hijacked San Francisco's computer system. "When the Department of Technology tried to fire him, he disabled all administrative passwords other than his own." So either a) he's going the wrong way towards getting his job back or b) he just pwned San Francisco. I can't tell if he's a hero or a douche (we've all had dreams of exacting revenge on former bosses-I'm looking at you MiL).

*I had more, but I've run out of time-I have a doctors appointment shortly. I'll post more tomorrow.


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