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Epic Fail*

"To no man will we deny, To no man will we delay, Justice and Right." -- The Magna Carta.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. --U.S. Constitution: Fourth Amendment: Search and Seizure--

Bush signs bill overhauling eavesdropping rules. Wow, I don't even think that the ink was dry from the Senate passing this giant pile of tripe. I guess that he wanted to pass that sucker into law before the Senate came to their senses. I hope that the Senators that sold out the constitution enjoy spending their $8359-hey we understand, gas is expensive.

From the former article: "Its passage was a major victory for Bush, an unpopular lame-duck president who nevertheless has been able to prevail over Congress on most issues of national security and intelligence disputes." The democrats have control of both the House and Senate and have a lame-duck President with one of the lowest approval ratings-why do they keep on catering to the status quo?

"In the aftermath of 9/11," Bush said, "few would have imagined that we would be standing here seven years later without another attack on American soil. The fact that the terrorists have failed to strike our shores again does not mean that our enemies have given up." But why would they go through all the trouble of planning another attack when our own government is winning the war on terror for them? In his new article, 'Don't let 'Brave New Britain' remove our fundamental rights' Bob Geldof states:

What terrorises the terrorists is our civilisation. What those unthinking fools of fundamentalism fear most are the freedoms our representatives now strip away. This "war on terror" is against Islamist forces that reject the Enlightenment.

How can we ever succeed, if we side with our opponents in rejecting those ideals? Every moment we are spied on by the invisible watchers, every time we are monitored, every time we are logged on databanks, they win. And every time we accept it, we lose.

I concur entirely (even though the article is directly about events in England, this article is the most righteous defence of civil liberties I think that I have ever read-please do yourself a favor and read it.) The way that we win the war on terror is to carry on, to not let our civil liberties erode, to stand up for the constitution and the ideals that it represents.

Sen. Barack Obama [D, IL] -- Aye
I have tried not to get swept up in the Obama movement, I've just become so skeptical of politicians that he seemed too good to be true, but the truth is I want to believe. I got swept up in it, because I felt that change is what we need, I've sat by and watched my government disregard common law, the constitution and the bill of rights and we need someone to take it back for the people, and I thought that it would be Obama. I remember after Super Tuesday hearing him on the radio chanting "yes we can, yes we can!" and tearing up, it just moved me so much. Something so simple, but it meant so much, it meant hope, an end to fear and lies, but after this week, however, I'm not so sure anymore. I am so disappointed in his voting for this bill, this bill that effectively destroys the fourth amendment, and what's most disgusting of all is that he stands to be the one to benefit most from it. I went to and joined the Senator Obama, Please Vote Against FISA group, hoping that we could usher change from within. We failed.

I'll still vote for Obama, but with a heavier heart and perhaps a twinge of guilt.

To end on a positive note, I just want to say how exciting it is to be a part of something as big as this. In the past week I have opened up a new part of myself, one that instead of just complaining about the problems facing America, and is actually doing something to fix it. This morning I got an email from the head of the Please vote against FISA Group, it filled me with hope, we may have lost a battle, but we will continue to fight on-I think that something good will come out of this. Glen Greenwald at has written of how a Left-Right coalition has been spawned in the midst of this battle, a coalition that will carry on the struggle to protect our liberties into the next Presidency. I hope we do.

*I borrowed the tittle and gravestone picture from Wil Wheaton. Once again, I hope he doesn't mind.


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