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Because I'm Feeling Lazy-A Link Dump:

*First the awesome. A 3D Holographic display. I've been waiting for one of those since I first saw Star Wars. Now all I need is my jet pack and flying car and I'm a happy boy.

*This makes me angry. I guess that the constitution and my civil rights are only worth $8359. Sweet. I wonder what the constitution has to say about it? Let's find out, US Constitution, Article 1, Section 9: No bill of attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed. Hmmmm...

And what is Barack Obama's position? Silence. I think that Wil Wheaton put it best when he said:

Wouldn't it be awesome if a senator who had expressed non-ambiguous
opposition to the Protect AT&T act in the past joined in the filibuster
against it?
Wouldn't it be even more awesome if the vast majority of that
senator's base -- oh hell, forget the base, let's open it up to the vast
majority of all Americans -- opposed amnesty for law-breaking telcos and
expanded spying powers for the White House, making this a slam dunk win for that
senator, giving him a chance to show some serious leadership?
Oh! Oh! Oh! And
wouldn't it be the most awesome EVER if that senator was running for president,
and could use this issue to show Americans that he was seriously committed to
changing the way things happen in Washington?!
Yeah, that sure sounds like a
perfect dream scenario, doesn't it?
Oh well. A guy can dream. Yeah . . . a
guy can dream.

(Here's t hoping that Wil is cooler than the AP, because that was more than five words.)

*Looks like you can expect more commercials on the AM/FM dial thanks to the US Senate. I wonder how much the musicians will actually make off of this. The RIAA must be getting desperate for money-maybe they need it to pay back all those court fees. You know, I know someone in the music industry he says that he makes money from touring, not albums, not radio, they make all their money going on tour. The RIAA just can't adjust to living in a post scarcity world (as far as music goes, we have a way to go before we have a post-scarcity society, but again a guy can dream.)

*This next one is an AP article, so I'm just going to paraphrase the headline-Some dude in Germany set fire to his car because he was mad about the cost of gas. Why don't you just take the bus like everyone else? I know that I have and now I have stories that begin with the phrase "there was this crackhead on the bus this morning...." Good times, good times.
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