Posted by toadstar on 6:00 PM

might wanna pick up some cereal if you go to the store tonight...

Sorry that I've been away for so long. The past couple of months have been pure unadulterated hell. Our house has been in foreclosure and my car got repo'd. To make a very long story short-after about a week of pure incompetence we got the car back and after much ball dropping and yet more incompetence, will have stopped the foreclosure. So for the time being, everything is okay.
Now on to lighter, funnier things. I got an email from my wife this afternoon with this: might wanna pick up some cereal if you go to the store tonight... as the subject line and the above picture as the attachment. I have the feeling that he's bouncing off the walls right about now. I mean look at those eyes, he's a step away from a sugar coma.

My little Logo is getting so big. He is officially five months and he seems to think that he is a year old. He wants to crawl or walk so bad, he doesn't care which so long as he can move. The other day my wife said that he made her let him walk around the coffee table at Meme's house. He gets so mad when he can't move the way he wants to. He's usually a very mellow happy baby, but when things do not go his way he gets angry.... I have no idea where he gets that, none....

I have some changes in mind for this blog, a little experiment that I'm working on. I'll fill you in with the details later, but for now just keep posted.


Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas