Posted by toadstar on 5:41 PM

Pictures Of My Boy:

I took these pictures by placing the camera on the ground and just kind of shooting blindly. I like the way that they came out, especially the one below. They both have a kind of Shift-Tilt Effect going on which I rather like. Also the two of them make a nice diptych in the first one it shows him getting bigger and more independent, walking away from his daddy. The second one has him looking back and holding on to the pole like he's looking back at me to keep him grounded.

Ever since Lucas was born I have enjoyed taking pictures of him that emphasize his smallness. It's amazing how he can look both so small and so big in the blink of an eye. I'll watch him nurse and see how his body covers most of mommy and he looks so big and then in the next second I'll see him standing next to the table and marvel at how small he is. I guess that in the next couple of blinks he'll be grown and I'll wonder how he was ever so small.


Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas