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My Little Ladies Man:

Last night for Mother's Day, Lucas and I went out to dinner with Mommy, Mimi, Papa and some of Heidi's siblings and their kids. We went to this place called Texas Borders. It's basically a bar with a patio and playground added on as an afterthought. Great combination, isn't it. You have the parents ignoring their kids and getting hammered and then you have the Lord of the Flies happening over in the playground.

When we first got there some of the older kids were acting like they were in WWE and not a restaurant, I was kind of worried about Lucas. But soon enough someone had the good sense to tell those kids to take it down a few notches.

I let one of Luke's older cousins take him onto the playground, but I kept a close eye on him and it's a good thing that I did. The playground area is one big square with two different jungle gyms one for toddlers and the other for big kids. The toddler one is offset by a little wooden fence and next to it is a big open sand pit. I looked back and I saw some strange girl helping to hoist my son up onto the platform of the big kids jungle gym. I went over to investigate and to fire his cousin. I got there just in time to see Lucas get on his belly and make to get back down off of the platform that he's on. There is only one problem. The place where he has chosen to exit is a five foot drop to the ground. I managed to get to him just in the nick of time. Thank the maker.

His First Kiss:

Warning the above image belongs to the walt disney corp, I should be half drawn and quartered for using it.

Now here is the part where I get to tell the story of my son's first kiss. Yea my son lived up to the title on his shirt that he was wearing that night: Ladies Man. Since the wee one is only twenty-two months old, I fear that he will not remember this momentous occasion, so I shall write it down so that when he his older he can at least have this.

So we are at the aforementioned bar and grill and dinner has just been served and Lucas would rather play than sit down and eat a meal. So he's been stopping by and eating a bit here and a bite there, then running off and playing. For some reason unknown to me I decided to check on the lad, only to see him standing behind the little wooden fence with his eyes closed and his lips all puckered up. That is when I noticed an older girl standing next to him, she was maybe three years old. She had long brown hair with bangs cut straight across, and brown eyes, she looked a lot like Lilo (hence the image above). She too had her lips pursed and her eyes closed and somehow their lips found each other.

I quickly elbowed my wife in the ribs and told her to look at our little playa. Under the moon and the stars, with a myriad of bugs circling the over head lamp he leaned in and kissed her again.

Then he walked off as if nothing had happened. And he came and he sat down next to us and ate a piece of chicken.


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