Posted by toadstar on 1:13 PM


After taking way to long, I finally finished my short story for the Machine of Death anthology. It was an interesting journey. There were some scenes that were kind of hard to write from an emotional standpoint, so I was rather apprehensive going into them, so much so that I had found myself staring at the computer screen. But when I started to write them, the characters came through and started writing it themselves. I was like Neil Gaiman and Stephen King say, your just along for the ride and your just as anxious to see where there going as the audience is (at least I think that they have both said something along those lines). My beautiful wife and wonderful editor said that I write good dialog, which made me feel good about it. I also made her mist up, which made me immensely proud.

Hopefully I will hear something between now and June 15 and I will post the news when/if it comes in. Then I will post the where, when and how it will be found. And if worse comes to worse I'll just post it here. I am beyond tired right now. It took me forever to write, I finally finished it last Saturday, then Heidi and I finished editing it last night. I managed to email it in an hour before the deadline. Procrastinate? Me? Never.


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