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Baby Update:

We finally went ahead and got the ultrasound. We had been waiting for Medicad to approve Heidi, but we just couldn't wait any longer so we just went ahead and had it done. So it's a boy and he's healthy, he has ten fingers and ten toes and while we were watching him, we saw him take a drink and then stick out his tongue. He has long skinny arms and legs, so we're thinking that this might be our little Dutch boy.

My Boys, that sounds so cool. Now I can do like my father would do whenever one of us (me or my brother) would get into trouble, he would just yell-BOOOYS!! and one would stop and the other would say with great indignity-I didn't do anything! So now I get to drive my kids crazy like that. No really I wouldn't do that to my boys. Okay not too often, I promise.

So far I think that we have settled on the name Logan James, so yea we're going to be one of those families with the kids with the same first letter and stuff. My cousins were named Kristy, Kourtney, and Kerry. It drove me crazy, I could never keep their names straight. I use to say that I would NEVER do that, but here I go. Besides, Logan just feels right. It was like with Lucas, I knew that I liked the name, I just couldn't sell Heidi on it. She liked it alright, but we couldn't find a middle name to clinch the deal. We tried everything. Then one day I was thinking of my friend Brian and I remembered his middle name was Alexander and I thought, Lucas Alexander, wow, I really like that. So I called Heidi and told her and then she just knew-Lucas Alexander was just meant to be his name. So I'm guessing the same will hold true for Logan, although I wouldn't put it past us to change it again....

Anyroads, I was just popping up to share the good news, but I have a story to attempt to finish. Wish me luck.


Susan said...

He is so beautiful! You both make beautiful babies. I can't wait to see the next one! I hope to see you all soon!!

toadstar said...

Thank you Susie. Hopefully we can get a hold of each other sometime soon. I can't wait to see Junior too. I still haven't felt him kick yet, but I did get to feel his little head.

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