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Baby Update:

We finally went ahead and got the ultrasound. We had been waiting for Medicad to approve Heidi, but we just couldn't wait any longer so we just went ahead and had it done. So it's a boy and he's healthy, he has ten fingers and ten toes and while we were watching him, we saw him take a drink and then stick out his tongue. He has long skinny arms and legs, so we're thinking that this might be our little Dutch boy.

My Boys, that sounds so cool. Now I can do like my father would do whenever one of us (me or my brother) would get into trouble, he would just yell-BOOOYS!! and one would stop and the other would say with great indignity-I didn't do anything! So now I get to drive my kids crazy like that. No really I wouldn't do that to my boys. Okay not too often, I promise.

So far I think that we have settled on the name Logan James, so yea we're going to be one of those families with the kids with the same first letter and stuff. My cousins were named Kristy, Kourtney, and Kerry. It drove me crazy, I could never keep their names straight. I use to say that I would NEVER do that, but here I go. Besides, Logan just feels right. It was like with Lucas, I knew that I liked the name, I just couldn't sell Heidi on it. She liked it alright, but we couldn't find a middle name to clinch the deal. We tried everything. Then one day I was thinking of my friend Brian and I remembered his middle name was Alexander and I thought, Lucas Alexander, wow, I really like that. So I called Heidi and told her and then she just knew-Lucas Alexander was just meant to be his name. So I'm guessing the same will hold true for Logan, although I wouldn't put it past us to change it again....

Anyroads, I was just popping up to share the good news, but I have a story to attempt to finish. Wish me luck.

Spring Is Springing Up All Over The Place:

It's been an interesting week so far. I wasn't able to finish my short story by the 31st, but I still have until the end of this month to get it done. I was hoping to finish early and have plenty of time to edit and have it looked over before turning it in. It's been a hard story to write so far, I keep on thinking of new ways to make it better and end up having to rewrite entire sections of it. The hardest part so far has been writing in the third person, especially since some of it is based on true life events so I keep on going back and reading what it is I wrote only to find pronoun problems, I for he, etc. I hope it will turn out okay in the end though.

Monday morning I came in to work to find out that a pipe under the bathroom sink had gone boom and flooded my department and the department next to us. There was a good inch to inch and a half of water. So most of the day was spent bailing out water and cleaning up. The rest of my department left early, but I stayed late because I desperately need the hours.

Upper management spent most of the day trying to figure out who was going to pay to clean up the mess so nothing was done about the wet carpet until Tuesday, which means that my office is now a complete and total stink-a-rama. The solution that they came up with to clean the wet carpet was to hire a wet carpet cleaner, so now the carpet smells like mold and chemicals, which is doing wonders for my head, not to mention the fact that the have these uber floor fans that loud as a boing 747. Thank the maker I'm off tomorrow, my head can't take anymore of this.

My Boy:
It's amazing to watch my son grow. And he's growing so fast I can hardly believe it. Things that he couldn't do a week ago, he now does with ease. A week ago he had to crawl up over the curb onto the sidewalk, and just the other day he just put his little foot up and stepped right on up to that sidewalk like he'd been doing it all his life.

I watch Lucas getting bigger and bigger and I want to just put my hands on top of his head and tell him to stop growing so fast just like my sister-in-law said that I would. Don't get me wrong I love watching him grow up, and I'm excited to share each day with him, but I feel like I just watched him be born and in the blink of an eye, he's a toddler, a few more blinks and he'll be grown. I just want to enjoy these days before they are gone.

I love these little hands, how they explore the world, the gentle way in which he uses them. Ever since he was born, his hands have always been so expressive. Now that he's older we have been teaching him sign language, little things like milk, water, Mommy, Daddy, more, sleep. We've taught him how to sign the names of animals and trees, cars and trucks, and he uses the sign pretty much until he can say it, or comes up with a way to say it. Duck is now quack quack! I've always wondered what his voice would sound like, but I'm afraid that I'll miss the gentle way that he puts his index fingers and thumbs together to tell me that he wants more. I'll miss the careful way he moves his wrist to tell me that he wants to play. But I do love his voice, it's everything that my voice lacks.

by Czeslaw Milosz.
A day so happy.
Fog lifted early, I worked in the garden.
Hummingbirds were stopping over huneysuckle flowers.
There was no thing on earth I wanted to possess.
I knew no one worth my envying him.
Whatever evil I had suffered, I forgot.
To think that once I was the same man did not embarrass me.
In my body I felt no pain.
When straightening up, I saw the blue sea and sails.
-Berkley, 1971

Human Computer Interaction in Sci-Fi Movies.
Here's an interesting article about human computer interaction in Science Fiction movies. I've been wanting to write about computing and human interaction lately, but I haven't had the time. Hopefully I'll have a little time this weekend and devote a post to that, so in the mean time I'll give you that article to wet your whistle.

A Quick Bit of Good News:
"After a record seven and a half months behind bars, San Francisco video blogger Josh Wolf has been released. Wolf walked out of a federal prison in Dublin, California Tuesday after prosecutors dropped a key demand that had made him the longest-jailed journalist for protecting a source in US history. Wolf was jailed on August 1st of last year when he refused to turn over video that he had shot of an anti-G8 demonstration in San Francisco."

Cherie Priest:
I just finished reading 'Four and Twenty Blackbirds' by Cherie Priest and I must say I was impressed. I first found her a couple of weeks ago on John Scalzi's Whatever blog, and I started to read the first part of her new book 'Dreadful Skin' on the Subterranean Press site, after about a page I was hooked, so of course I have to read all of her stuff now, so I started at the beginning, with Four and Twenty. There was something instantly familiar about the narrator
, I felt as knew her, in fact she reminded me of my friend Brandi. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

The above picture was taken using my advanced new photo taking method. Step one, set your camera on timer, a two second delay is good. Step two, press the shutter button, wait a second, then throw the camera into the air. Step three, and the most important step, catch the camera. Step four, provided you didn't drop your camera, admire your new picture.

I got the idea from this website and thought that it might be kind of fun, so I gave it a whirl, and I think I like the way that it turned out there is a movement to it that's just dizzying.

I take no responsibility for you attempting this form of extreme photography and breaking your camera, your on your own with this. If you do try it though, I'd be interested to see the results.

Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas