Posted by toadstar on 1:54 PM

Special Guest Post:

This is my sons first photograph. Since he's been sick we have been watching a boatload of Muppet Show DVD's, much to Lucas and my delight and much to my wife's chagrin. The other day I remembered that I had bought him this Baby Fozzie Bear toy, so I went and found it. I hid behind the love seat and called his name, when he turned to look I made Fozzie appear just above the chair and started to tell a Fozzie joke. "Did you hear that George the janitor is so cheap that his wallet has an unlisted pocket?" His face was all alight and he ran for Fozzie and grabbed him and hugged him. It was very cute, and it was go cool to see him so excited about The Muppets. Shortly thereafter Momma helped him to take this picture-not bad for his first time-I'm so proud.


Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas