Posted by toadstar on 10:10 PM

On The Mend:

Lucas is feeling much better today, which means that I'm feeling much better today. We went to the mall this evening to exchange some Christmas gifts, and he was just running and running all over the mall. It did my heart good to see him acting normal again. I don't think that he even sat up on his own yesterday.

The full moon over the dormer windows at the top of my house. Orion is just to the right of the moon. I never really realized how much owning a house means to me until recently. It's so much more than just a repository for all my stuff, it is memories, and hopes and dreams, and it's a big part of who I am. I was lucky when I was growing up to live in the same house for thirteen years. I can still picture that house, just as it was when we moved out. I remember all the winters we spent there and Christmases past. I can remember our fist Christmas there, we had a small tree on top of a big box, my mother wrapped it in Christmas paper, to make it look less boxy. That year we had it in what would be my Fathers study. I hope to give similar memories to my children, of a warm safe home, a place that was always there, always theirs. A place that deep in their hearts they can call home, and even though the years my pass and they will move on, a part of this house will always be a part of them.


Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas