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In Which the Author Waxes Philosophically on Comic Books:

When I was a kid, I remember finding an old copy of Tintin. It was an old Dutch version set in the American old west. I was never able to read Dutch, but I remember looking at the pictures and trying to sus out what was happening. I always kept on coming back to that book and since I only had the pictures to guide me, the story was different each time. That's one of the wonderful things about comic books, the way that they work on different levels.
Take for example Can't Get No, by Rick Veitch. The book is one long-form poem, but the images tell another story. One story being totally visual, leaving what was being said entirely up to the reader. Each time you come back to it the story is different, the poem adds more depth and feeling to the story, but could easily be read with out it (although I wouldn't recommend it).
That's one of the things that is so amazing to me about comics, the fact that as a story telling device it has so much potential to tell the whole of the human experience. We are not just visceral creatures, we are visual and intellect and sensual and comic books can explore all of this that makes us so unique.


Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas