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We had thought that Lucas was getting better. We thought that the last couple of days he was doing a good job a healing, he was still off, he was still sluggish and wanted his mommy to hold him a lot more than usual, but on the whole, we thought he was getting better. Friday morning he woke up and had a big lump on his neck, a fever, and his pee was dark and cloudy. We thought about it for a bit, the Heidi went ahead and took him to the hospital. Around three, she called me at work and told me to get there now, so off I went. He's okay, they think that it's some sort of infection of his lymph nodes, so of course they started him on antibiotics right away. It's amazing how fast they went from OMG that looks real bad to dismissing it as "just a virus". Along the way my son was poked and prodded and dare I say tortured by some nurse that never bothered to follow any advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics. More on that in my other blog. This picture was taken after we got home, and momma and baby settled down for some much deserved rest.


Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas