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ER Trauma:

Why is that the more that medicine progresses, the more the medical community seems to be stuck in the past-like 1950. Either that or once they stop going to school, they stop learning. For instance the way that they handle circumcision. Aside from the fact that they still do it, they don't know how to care for a child that is uncircumcised. The American Academy of Pediatrics states:

"The foreskin usually does not fully retract for several years and should never be forced. The uncircumcised penis is easy to keep clean by gently washing the genital area while bathing. You do not need to do any special cleansing, such as with cotton swabs or antiseptics."

This goes against the common misconception that you need to retract the penis everyday and wash it to keep it from getting infected. The truth is that the foreskin acts like a sphincter, and is never meant to be forced back.
Last Friday we took Lucas to the E.R.. He had been sick since New Year's Eve and on Friday morning, we noticed a lump on his neck. We were afraid that he might have the mumps, all the symptoms fit. We also noticed that his urine was dark and cloudy. My wife mentioned this to the loverly staff at the E.R. and they said that they needed a urine sample, and since he hadn't gone in about 24 hours, they were going to use a catheter. Before my wife realized what was going on the nurse forced his foreskin back and started to insert the tube. To say that Lucas was not best pleased is an understatement, but to say that he was only fussing because he was being held down is something else entirely. My wife then informed this lady that you are not to force the foreskin back like that, and to that the nurse said that we, of course should be retracting it every night and cleaning it. My wife, how I love her, informed the nurse that she is wrong and that the American Academy of Pediatrics even says so. But of course you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, so I don't think that it did any good. And my son had to go through that hell for nothing.
One of my first memories is having a catheter forced into me-it saddens me to think that it may be my sons all because some nurse stopped learning.


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