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Books A Million:

Although I never really started reading books until my senior year of high school, I have always loved books. As a kid I can remember always looking at books and just being impressed with them, even though I hardly ever read any of them. There is just something about a book. I don't know if it's the look of it, or the artwork, the way the ink looks on the page. Now I'm never without a book, I guess that I'm making up for all that lost time, I love books even more. Each book is a part of me, the characters live on in me. They are also bookmarks of my life, I can remember where I was, what was going on in my life just by looking at a book. I remember when I moved down here from Colorado. I was in my little red VW Rabbit, going through the vast empty nothingness that is certain parts of Texas, it was foggy out, the sun had just risen, and this old oil rig loomed on the horizon like a dinosaur. That morning, as my dad and I drove onward to my new home, I was busy reading "The Dharma Bums" by Jack Kerouac. Now that memory of a road trip with my dad is intertwined with Kerouac's prose in the library of my memory, and that is one of the million different reasons why I love books so much. And as I watch my own library grow from one bookshelf to many, I am glad to know that the road that is my life is so rich.


Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas