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Big Boy:

My son has developed quite a taste for jelly the past couple of days. I think that it's because the jelly has been moved to the bottom shelf of the fridge and he can grab it. He loves to help. He' grab the jelly and walk it over to the counter and lift it up and wait until I take it from him. Whenever I cook he wants to help pour stuff and stir. He's becoming such a big boy, it's amazing to me.

Last night we went to Barnes and Noble to exchange a book I got for Christmas. Usually when were there he loves to play with the trains (they have a Thomas the Train, train set in the children's section), but tonight, for some reason, the store was packed, and so was the train table. After a minute of fighting to get some space at the train table, he gave up and went wandering. He would follow me or hang out with mom, or look at the employees crazy when they cooed over him. A while later, he was ready to go, so he grabbed mom, and went for the door. Mom said, wait daddy needs to pay for his book (The Ladies of Grace Adieu by Susanna Clarke), so he walked up to me and took my book, walked up to the counter and tried to place it on the counter, then went behind the counter either to a) say "hey would one of you help my dad out, I'd really like to go home now, or b) ring me up his self. He has a way of letting you know just what it is he wants.


Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas